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TGIWednesday… and welcoming in the Fall

TGIWednesday News Welcome to the Fall ya’ll. Yes Monday was the first day… get ready for falling leaves, pumpkin spice everything and dropping temperatures (…in Florida if we can get any drop we’re happy) Are you in the Fall of your life? I strive to enjoy every season and whatever it offers. This past Sunday…

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TGIWednesday… and having a Full moon hangover

TGIWednesday News Ok, is it just me or was the weekend crazy followed by most of this week? Lol Well keep the faith and regardless of the season, the temperature or your location, know that things can and will improve. I like Jordan Peterson the Canadian Psychologist who agrees with the Buddhist that all of…

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TGIFriday the 13th and Full moon mayhem

TGIFriday News It’s not always what it seems. In many cultures for thousands of years, the number 13 is actually a power number, an omen of good fortune, new beginnings, a renewal and things to look forward to. It’s not always the bad omen, bad luck that “American cinema” has made it out to be.…

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TGIMonday … and the real secret to 5D awakening

Today I’m THRILLED to announce that I have been invited to be a guest speaker on the You Wealth Revolution Telesummit later this month on September 26th! I know now that this interview will be like no other and that there is a new level of healing coming with MLF – you don’t want to…

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TGIWednesday and a download for making it through life’s storms

TGIWednesday News Well I’ve been praying/fishing for over a week to move Hurricane Dorian out to sea and while the Bahamas sadly took a tragic hit, we now know that the worst of it is continuing to stay off the Florida east coast as it moves north. We are continuing to pray for Dorian to…

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