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TGIWednesday and a download for having magical money outcomes!

TGIWednesday News In case you hadn’t noticed… this whole month I am focusing on Money (just think back to the weekly video clearings – you can re-watch them all here on YouTube) Let’s face it, a lot of folks have a spending hangover and credit card stress over managing the extra cost of the holidays.…

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TGIWednesday and a Download for Aligning with the Frequency of Money in All Forms

TGIWednesday News Well buckle up for "The Gold Coin’ audio folks as it’s coming out soon to join our line up of awesome Audio MP3’s. We’ve gotten some encouraging feedback already from some of our early listeners like this one: "Jimmy, the Gold Coin Guided Meditation is very thorough and empowering! I could feel shifts…

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TGIWednesday and moving forward with grace & ease in the new year!

TGIWednesday News Hey ya’ll… Happy New Year and glad we can say goodbye to a wild 2018. I don’t know about you but it was topsy-turvey and had more full moons and retrogrades than I can count. Some would say it’s all part of the shifting cosmos that are leading us to better things in…

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TGIWednesday and a download for having child-like joy!

TGIWednesday News Ah, it’s the day after Christmas and we’re in that sweet spot now between Christmas and the New Year… where the holiday frenzy slows down, folks are taking time off of work, and we begin reflecting on the past year and looking ahead toward what changes we want to make, and dreaming about…

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TGIWednesday and having Joy in Giving and Receiving

TGIWednesday News ‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house… well, I don’t exactly know what you’re up to in your house, but someone shared a cute meme that said, “It’s almost time to switch from my every day anxiety to my festive Christmas anxiety”! lol… My hope is that you are all…

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