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TGIWednesday … and igniting and inspiring your creative energy!

TGIWednesday News Just coming off another full moon and weird times for sure can make us clam up and lie down! I am seeing you as being more creative! During this time of uncertainty, it seems as if we all feel a little shut down, and overwhelmed. I call it extra crispy, or fried! Please…

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TGIWednesday … and an extended warranty

Tonight’s MySwitchWorks Event Next Live Call is TONIGHT at 7:30pm EDT We’re celebrating Independence Day all month long by FREEING you up from what’s holding you back!!! Freedom from pain, stuckness, overwhelm, excess weight, uncertainty, procrastination, negative self-talk & beliefs, bad habits, past failures, your boss, a bad relationship, parents, siblings, abuse by others? What…

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TGIWednesday … are you caught up in destination addiction?

TGIWednesday News We’ve all been caught up in this at one point… the thought or belief that your next car, next romance, next job, next place, next trip, next purchase or program will somehow “finally make me happy”. It’s referred to as ‘destination addiction’. Make every effort to be happy right where you are in…

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TGIWednesday and do you have hitchhikers on board?

TGIWednesday News How are you feeling? How are you getting through this messy time? In the cosmos now we’re dealing with Mercury Retrograde and 7 other planets in retrograde AND a lunar eclipse/full moon and you know what that alone can do to throw you out of whack. Know that this too shall pass and…

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TGIWednesday and releasing the past

TGIWednesday News July already? WTHeck…………and for our next what the huh moment….who had Godzilla African Dust Cloud? Raise your hand if you knew this would be this month’s Biblical wild mix up surprise. Lol Do your best in the midst of chaos and drama and remain steadfast and steady as she goes. As you read…

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