Monthly Archives: July 2019

TGIWednesday and a download for staying hydrated

TGIWednesday News Getting and staying hydrated during the dog/god days of Summer is super d dooper important. We are 70 percent water and most folks tell me they’ve been pounding coffee/tea and soft drinks but these act like diaretics and leach water from your system. Try drinking 8 glasses a day minimum. Going to be…

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TGIWednesday… and get ready for Mercury retrograde!

TGIWednesday News Yes it’s July, and YES it’s hot somewhere between OMG and WTF! And to top off that S-show it’s Mercury Retrograde. So if folks were supposed to meet you at 12noon and they went to the Starbucks across town and not the one you’re at, you’ll at least know why. They say it’s…

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