Discover a Secret for How to Create Profound Energetic Changes that Can Reverse and Clear Belief Patterns by Learning a Simple Technique that is Divinely Guided by Spirit that You Can See and Feel with Applied Kinesiology

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"This is a refreshing simplistic way to change everything! No more tedious week long courses or dumping thousands in to complicated healing methods with questionable results. Once you get your head around this, you won’t need anything else., oh and get the audios too, there is something about Jimmy Mack’s voice that seems to change everything and take you in to even deeper waters!"

M.J., Atlanta

Hi, I am from India and following and doing the Liquid Fish for the last 20 plus days and the results are stunning.  As you mentioned in the book The Tackle Box,  I have also learned and practiced Matrix Energetics, Quantrum Entrainment, Quantum Touch, ThetaHealing, Healing Codes, Quantum Techniques, EFT, NLP, etc ......for the past 10 years. But find your Technique to be far more easy, direct, simple and powerful. I am going to do a one hour session with you now. With love and thanks,

Pradeep S., India

"This technique seems simple, but goes DEEP! I went over the kit several times and by about the 3rd pass I really x3 got it. Now a lot of things are just plug and play like he says in his book, it is fast, simple and dare I say fun!"

R.M., Chicago

"My earliest recollections.. I was always somewhat fascinated by the symbol of the fish; from Egyptian hieroglyphics to biblical references, I was enthralled. Then I met Jimmy, his healing style My Liquid Fish, Change made simple ...glued all the pieces together.  The rest as they say is history."

Dee Clare, Psychic, England