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TGIWednesday and Resetting Your GPS!

NEW AUDIO RELEASE TODAY! For those of you who have ever wished I could be a little angel on your shoulder right there with you throughout your day helping support you each step of the way to make things go smoother morning, noon and night – and even in emergencies… then this new audio is…

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TGIWednesday and proclaiming YOUR independence!

TGIWednesday News TODAY JULY 4th at 3pm EDT Jimmy will be co-hosting on the Spiritual Insights Show with Charlotte Spicer. Call in LIVE and get a free reading (347) 934-0751 Listen here online Hey hey, the early reviews are coming in for the super special new audio MP3 being released next Wed. July 11th- MyBeliefworks™…

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TGIWednesday and welcoming summer

TGIWednesday News So I’ve included a special link below that’s worth a good read when you can…… Having seen the heavens, I can tell you it’s gorgeous, sweet, inner space deep, rich colors and angelic sounds – it is nothing but love and a floating feeling. I’m not big on Karma and this link reaffirms…

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TGIWednesday and balancing father/male energy

TGIWednesday News I’m pretty excited about the new Audio MP3 release coming out on July 11th next month – Your Daily GPS Reset – Fishing the Files with MyBeliefworks™: Clearing blocks in life, and repairing, replacing, and reprogramming your fragmented, damaged and negative files, allowing you to reset, reboot and download the 2.0 improved version…

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TGIWednesday and a download for having more romance in your life

TGIWednesday News I’ll be on Spiritual Insights Radio with Charlotte Spicer – Call in TODAY at 4pm EDT for a free reading at (347) 934-0751 or Listen Here Online. Here’s another short and fun video I recorded with my friend Marla Martenson. The topic of hexes and spells came up because of something Marla was…

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