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: TGIWednesday… and a download for thankfulness

View this email in your browser TGIWednesday Download ~ THANKFULNESS ~ Today I am thankful and will show an attitude of gratitude. I know when, where, how and why to give sincere thanks. I will appreciate the little things in life. I am realizing that if I can read or hear this then I have…

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TGIMonday… and looking forward to a “normal” week

TGIMonday News These days, “normal” might just be a setting on a dryer lol but I was wanted to start this fresh week off with some good news and gratitude. First, thanks so much for outpouring of prayers and stories of inspiration before, during and after Hurricane Irma……….We will remain Florida Strong!  And through prayer, I…

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TGIWednesday and thankful to be alive!

TGIWednesday News Yes thankful to be alive and overall minimal damage to me, my home and kitty cat.  And thanks to all of you who called, emailed, Skyped and texted to check on me and Granny Ruth and Kit Kat the kitty cat. Wowzah.  Ok, a little soul searching and come to Jesus meeting with myself…

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TGIFriday … 72 hours until Halloween Midnight ⌛

Folks, this has been the FASTEST selling Audio MP3 ever……………  If you are in a sales profession or know someone who is, don’t miss this one!  Get it and gift it to your friends, and family. I always have clients that will wait until this sale is over and ask for the special price, the…

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TGIWednesday, Purple Rain and Rays of Light

In honor of Prince, today’s eNews Updates are sent in purple!  We love you, we miss you. TGIWednesday News I enjoyed my visit to the Dowser’s Unlimited FL group last week and I welcome many of them here to TGIW! We had a fun few hours together creating change on a lot of levels. …

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