Monthly Archives: August 2018

TGIWednesday and remaining persistent in life

TGIWednesday News So in honor of my birthday every year, I would take friends and family to eat a breakfast, lunch or dinner and I would always pay. It was my way to celebrate and give back to others. I believe every day should be a celebration and with today’s theme of persistence, I will…

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TGIWednesday and having more patience with your prayers

TGIWednesday News Wow the dawg dayze of Summer. Hot and more hot and folks are impatient to say the least. My G-Daughter Charlie was traveling and I wanted to share that awesome Pacific Northwest picture of her in fields of flowers and lavender. So gorgeous and refreshing and a reminder to stop and smell the…

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TGIWednesday and dealing with sluggishness and the summer heat

TGIWednesday News The summer heat wave is everywhere and not to mention we are a week into Mercury Retrograde which doesn’t end until August 19th …. my birthday 🙂 So we want you to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest, for real. Yes, a nap is ok if you can sneak off and get…

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