Monthly Archives: November 2017

: TGIWednesday… and a download for thankfulness

View this email in your browser TGIWednesday Download ~ THANKFULNESS ~ Today I am thankful and will show an attitude of gratitude. I know when, where, how and why to give sincere thanks. I will appreciate the little things in life. I am realizing that if I can read or hear this then I have…

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TGIWednesday… and getting it in gear!

TGIWednesday Download ~ GETTING IT IN GEAR ~ It is safe and comfortable to come on line now and get it in to gear. I know when, where, how and why to be fully engaged in life. I am moving forward now with grace and ease while still feeling grounded. I am organized, motivated, mobile…

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TGIWednesday… Happy All Saints Day and making progress every day!

TGIWednesday News Today is the Christian celebration of All Saints Day or the “Feast of All Saints” honoring all the saints, known and unknown.  It stems from a belief that there is a powerful spiritual bond between those in heaven and the living.  Well you don’t have to tell me that ….. I live that…

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