TGIWednesday and clearing YOU of the cold and flu!

TGIWednesday News I’m thrilled to be heading up to the "north country" again today… Yep, I’m driving 2 hours north to brave the colder temperatures as I visit the Florida Dowsers Unlimited group at Unity The Villages LIVE at 4pm TODAY! Of course next to looking forward meeting and working live with some great folks,…

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TGIW and a download for having your best year yet!

TGIWednesday News Hey ya’ll…..lot’s of great changes in 2018 so scan/scroll through the TGIWednesday slowly and carefully. We are here to help/contribute to YOU! So please use this FREE eNewsletter as a source of inspiration. Lot’s of stuff to read, watch and listen to and we strive to make it FRESH and all about improving…

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TGIWednesday and Welcoming the New Year!

TGIWednesday News As we get ready to welcome in a new year, often our thoughts are on what we’d like to change. Are any of these New Year’s Resolutions on your list this coming year? Let’s schedule time and work on them together! Be less stressed out and take a vacation or visit/travel to new…

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TGIWednesday and Clearing the Winter Holiday Blues

TGIMonday News & Live Appearances Hey Guys……………TGIMonday, what in the world? Well we wanted to wish everyone a happy/holiday/festive week. We also wanted to make sure you know about tomorrow’s radio show and my weekly Wednesday appearances in Tampa at Kodawari Yoga Studios in Tampa from 9am to 1:15pm. Call Kodawari at (813) 773-4017 today…

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TGIMonday 72 hrs

*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* View this email in your browser Reminder: Less than 72 Hours Left Get my new book at the low intro price before Midnight on Wednesday! The Dowser’s Handbook: Pendulums, Muscle Testing and Applied Kinesiology. I wrote this book to serve as a reference that will allow you the opportunity to practice changing outcomes. It…

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